Wandering Bohol back in 2004

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Wandering Bohol

Instead of travelling to Manila, we decided to check out Bohol. Together with friends back in 2004, Sherwin and Marie, we wandered Bohol with just a map and our backpacks.

On board some old vessel from Cagayan de Oro City to Jagna which takes us around 5 hours of travel time. Fare was around 500 on economy that time, which was quite expensive for a college stud (“,) .

Wandering Bohol Philippines 1

With Sherwin, Marie, Joan and some friends around.

We arrived Jagna port around 9pm and was choatic, everyone was running to the bus terminal to catch the last trip going to Tagbilaran and we were like in slow motion as we have no idea about it. We got stranded for an hour in pouring rain waiting for another bus, too early for the earliest trip next day. Good thing a few Van-for-hire were still operating, around P100 per passenger, of course we hit the ride.

We got to Tagbilaran around 10:30PM and was creepy-quiet already. Walked around to check out any hotel or inns open, but none in the area. Some locals trycicle drivers suggested a place and took us to Mellow Apartelle and Tourist Inn. The accommodation was perfect for the night as we were tired and hungry.

Wandering Bohol Philippines 1a

A few beer in some distilled bottles in Mellow Apartelle and Tourist Inn

We strolled around Tagbilaran the next day, its a budget travel, so walking and tricycle rides were fitting. We went to the bus terminal and check Tagbilaran Museum, got a few photos, but cant find them now. We rode a bus to Panglao, to our surprise we bumped to an old friend and Mirc chatmate. We traveled together with no idea how to get there, we got off from the main road to Dumaluan beach in Panglao. We started walking and walking, hearing the beach… OMG!!!..the walk was almost 20 mins to get to the beach! We didn’t mind, that’s the thrill of traveling, if you don’t know how far your destination is, the trip is amusing. So we arrived in Dumaluan, shook hands with people we just met, ate lunch, enjoyed the white sand beach, laugh at some foreigners, went home in a jeepney(with an unsure feeling if its the right ride), and rested.

Wandering Bohol Philippines - Panglao

White sand beach in Dumaluan Panglao

Our second day, we planned to visit mom’s province, Talibon, Bohol. We were advised to take the van-hire to get to there in just 1 hour, but damn we were tempted to check out the spots dazzling during a bus ride. So we paid the price, we enjoyed the trip, but it took 4 hours and we were bear-hungry at 2pm still on the bus. Nevertheless, we arrived and my Aunt Sylva was ever accommodating.

We had dinner in Berachah Inland Resort, Talibon and enjoyed the pool and amused at how some locals enamored their pool experience. The next morning, we ate lunch at our family fishpond then a short stop at Sagbayan Peak(Grandma’s hometown) and finally saw and set foot on a chocolate hill. A spot in Carmen has better view of the chocolate hills, but was a bit far for the trip. We arrived at Tubigon port right after the stops bound for Cebu.

Wandering Bohol Philippines - Panglao

Berachah Inland Resort and Sagbayan Peak

Land-ho Cebu! Docked safely for early dinner before departing for Cagayan de oro. It was my first time to dine at Don Henricos Pizza in Ayala, located in where Nike Shop is now. Departed around 8pm going back to Cagayan de Oro.

Wandering Bohol Philippines - Cebu

Dining in Don Henricos Ayala

The trip was a great learning experience for new travelers like us that time, a lot of mishaps and should haves. Got lost and wandered, the experience was priceless!

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