Review – SKIL Impact Drill Set

  • Ramee Sareno
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Having a drill set at home is a must for DIY Dads. Found this drill set on Lazada with very affordable price at discounted rate. After 2 years, this drill is still working very well, a few rust here and there. Although some of its drill bits are very brittle, and broke after a few incorrect drills, but you can always buy better drill bits.

This model might be sold out, but there are similar drills with the same brand that works. Using this drill is very easy, I have built a few cars, tables and wood crafts with this tool.


Product Description:

Skil Impact Drill

Skil F0156610JJ Impact Drill 6610 Set (Red/Black)

This model and item is sold out for now, but you can order the upgraded model here.


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